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In Italy, the law requires separate collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE).
WEEE should therefore not be thrown in the undifferentiated waste (i.e. together with "municipal solid waste"), but must be managed separately:
this is the meaning of the crossed bin symbol that can be seen on all Electrical and Electronic Equipment and/or the related instructions for use.
The separate collection of WEEE is mandatory, since this waste contains both pollutants (i.e. which may have a strong negative impact on the environment) and raw materials (which can be reused).
It is therefore necessary to subject WEEE to appropriate processing operations in order to remove and safely dispose of pollutants and extract and recycle raw materials.

All Italian citizens can play a decisive role in ensuring that WEEE do not become an environmental issue by following a few simple rules:
  • WEEE can be re-used, following appropriate reconditioning to be performed by specialised companies
  • WEEE should never be thrown in the undifferentiated waste
  • WEEE must be handed in to Collection Centres (also called recycling facilities, recycling centres, ecological platforms, etc.) set up by Municipalities or Waste management companies; in many places a door-to-door collection service of bulky WEEE is also carried out
  • when you buy a new appliance, you can hand the WEEE in to the retailer, who is obliged to collect it free of charge ("one-for-one" recycling)
  • "very small sized" WEEE (i.e. for which no size exceeds 25cm) can be handed in free of charge to retailers even without buying anything ("one-for-zero" recycling, which, however, is mandatory only for stores with sales areas greater than 400 square metres).

Warranty terms

The following terms, relating to the Conventional Guarantee, are automatically activated as of the date of delivery
of the appliance and have a duration of 24 months.
This warranty certificate refers exclusively to the Conventional Warranty terms of the Manufacturer
towards the Consumer and is issued by:

viale Virginia Reiter, 34 – 41121 MODENA (ITALY)
Tel. 059 415411 – Fax 059 284731

This Conventional Warranty does not affect the rights under Directive 1944/44/EC
and under Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005, of which the Consumer remains the owner.

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