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14 March 2016 - Categoria: Press review

From Repubblica to Cose di Casa: Bompani is making news with its products - Press review 2015

Over 35 articles in newspapers, 30 in periodicals, 40 on online information portals: since June 2015, in just over a year, more than 100 articles have been published about Bompani, its new products and the achievements of the brand of “Made in Italy” home appliances.

In particular La Repubblica, with its 2 and a half million daily readers, but also the Italian financial daily newspapers Italia Oggi and Il Resto del Carlino, with about 1 million readers, the regional edition of the Corriere della Sera (over 50,000 readers) are just some of the daily newspapers that have published news by Bompani, with reviews of the "Write me" blackboard refrigerator and of the latest "Colour me", the first custom refrigerator in "DIY shades". What is more, they have also become the voice of Managing Director Enrico Vento on the occasion of the year-end financial statement and of the news about the 20 new employees hired last December.

But also Io donna, Cose di Casa, Case & Country, Gambero Rosso and Ville e Casali: in the last few months, women's and furniture magazines but also food and wine magazines have been intrigued by the company’s products and have featured them on their pages.

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