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22 December 2017

Bompani’s new ad campaign

Italian kitchen lifestyle with Bompani’s new ad campaign

We would like to present our new advertising campaign, already published in the main national newspapers. Minimalism, irony and recalling tradition are the elements we have decided to choose. 

Three words, three minimal foods, two bodycopy lines and a great brand are enough to grab the attention of the most distracted reader. Bompani’s new advertising campaign is therefore made up of a few elements making a huge impact. The objective of the campaign is to give maximum visibility to a historic brand that has been focusing on the value of Italian products and has completely renewed its corporate image to become the flag-bearer of Italian style in the world. 

“Yesterday. Today. Bompani: “ this headline is the advertisement’s winning image and perfectly sums up the brand’s intentions: three words combined with three dishes symbolising the evolution in food styles - hamburger, sushi and a tortellino. They encapsulate the attention Bompani has always paid to the trends that end up on our tables without forgetting the “good cooking” that characterises the Italian culinary tradition and the Modena area in particular.

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