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20 December 2017

Healthy cuisine with «Gusto Vegetariano»

The collaboration with Gusto Vegetariano, the food blog that only uses Bompani appliances, led to the creation of a series of recipes that are not only innovative and original, but are perfect for expressing our idea of «healthy cuisine»

To us, cooking healthily means using simple non-processed high-quality raw materials.

It means choosing ingredients that are grown or produced in our territory, which are part of our culture and reveal the great biodiversity of our country - a wealth the entire world admires. This will contribute to making cooking more and more eco-friendly with a lower impact on the environment.

We share these values with Gusto Vegetariano. Gusto Vegetariano is a project to share healthy cuisine that can be enjoyed to the full. It provides an array of healthy recipes made using vegetables, pulses, wholegrain cereals and organic products and is the perfect opportunity to discover how natural vegetarian cuisine can be truly tasty and presented in a lovely captivating way.

As explained by our friends in their blog, we can do a lot to respect nature and the planet that hosts us: we just need to change small habits, add a few gestures to our everyday lives or some new ingredients to our cuisine to improve ourselves and the world that surrounds us.


As for the Festivities, here is a recipe to make some delicious Christmas biscuits.

Merry Christmas!

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