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24 May 2017

A sip of health!

The warmer months are here and our body feels the need to detox from the toxins accumulated during the cold season. What better way to do this than a regenerating concentrate of nutritional substances obtained from fruit and vegetables?


The fresh juice obtained with an extractor is precisely that: a concentrate of nutrients with numerous benefits for our body and mind. Energy, anti-stress, detox, vitalising drinks with a positive effect on beauty: to best prepare them, you need to choose fresh, seasonal and possibly organic raw materials that take advantage of all the genuine properties of fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and fibre. 


    What is an extract? 


An extract is the juice obtained through a pressurised extraction process, where pressure is the only process fruit or vegetables are subjected to. Bompani’s ’slow juicer is an appliance to prepare fruit and vegetable juices rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes: it encourages fruit and vegetable consumption, widens the variety and makes it more appealing to children, older people and those with digestion problems.




It obtains the juice through a squeezing process, unlike centrifugal juicers which work at a higher speed. Slow juicing does not generate heat, therefore all the principles found in raw vegetables remain intact, which does not happen at a higher temperature: above 40°C, in fact, heat-sensitive enzymes and vitamins lose most of their benefits. This appliance maintains all nutritional substances and vitamins. In addition, using a slow juicer means wasting less food, as it obtains 30% more juice from the same quantity of fruit and vegetables used in a traditional centrifugal juicer. Waste is separated automatically and it generally produces only 15-25% depending on the fruit or vegetable. What is more, this juice contains three times the quantity of fibre than that obtained with a centrifugal juicer. 


To sum up, an extract is liquid food with a high content of nutritional elements that can nourish and regenerate us with minimal digestion energy.

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