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02 September 2016

Do you know what impact a washing machine has on the environment?

As all electrical appliances, washing machines also have an impact on the external environment not only in terms of disposal at the end of its life but, above all, in terms of daily energy consumption. The energy we use to run it still derives mostly from highly polluting fossil fuels and, therefore, if we intend to safeguard the immense natural heritage of our country, we must strive to reduce consumption by choosing more environmentally friendly products and changing our daily habits.
First of all, we need to lower the water temperature. It takes about 15 minutes to bring the water inside the washing machine to a temperature of 60°C. To warm it to 40°C, instead, it only takes 10 minutes. In this way, we can already save about 30%. But if you choose one of the washing machines of the new LAVINIA collection by Bompani, you do not need to give up the quality of the wash when selecting low temperatures: this is thanks to the professional drum, which, with its special shape with 4 arms properly moves the laundry and pushes it toward the centre at each rotation of the drum, ensuring thorough and effective washing even in cold water.
In addition to 30°C for COLOURED and SILK garments, there are also another two washing programs in cold water, the HAND WASH one and the one for MIXED laundry that operate even at 20°C.

But do not fear for hygiene: despite washing with cold water, the special anti-bacterial technology of our washing machines, applied to the drawer and door gasket, ensures constant antibacterial protection in the most sensitive areas, while the special Antibacterial program disinfects the garments thoroughly, eliminating 99% of bacteria even at low temperatures. If you have installed a solar panel system or a boiler at home, instead of having the washing machine heat the water, you can make it arrive already hot, so that electrical energy will only be needed to actuate the motor that rotates the drum. In this case, you will need a washing machine such as our BOWM114/E, which is equipped with a double entrance for hot and cold water, allowing you to save 60% on electricity. Let’s program full load washes. If the manufacturer's instructions recommend to load, for example, up to 2.5 kg of laundry for the WOOL program but we find it difficult to estimate the weight of the laundry, the EASY LOGIC system on the BOMPANI washing machines can help us thanks to a sensor, which automatically regulates the consumption of water, energy and washing time according to the actual amount of laundry loaded in the machine. Nothing is wasted. Use less detergent. The doses will depend on the quantity of laundry, the level of soiling and water hardness. The general rule is to use 25ml of detergent per kg of laundry, however, this amount may vary depending on the characteristics of your washing machine. Our two flagship models, for example, the BOWM114/E and BOWM912/E, are equipped with a magnetic device, which, by inhibiting the formation of limestone, avoids having to use anti-scale and allows you to achieve excellent washing results with a smaller amount of detergent. Before buying, check the label! Nowadays, energy classification goes from A+++ (the best) to D (the worst) and plays a critical role in your consumption: in fact, a 6kg washing machine class A+++ for a cotton linen wash cycle at 60°C consumes about a third less energy compared to a similar class A washing machine. And all our washing machines are class A+++. To conclude, we must not forget to properly dispose of the washing machine in the dedicated recycling centres when it has completed its life cycle. Our washing machines are designed to have a very long life cycle and its components are recyclable. The new collection of LAVINIA washing machines by Bompani reduces waste and respects the environment. Remember this when you buy your next washing machine.

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