Italian Cuisine

It is instantly recognisable
since there is nothing else like it.

Italian cuisine is made up by a variety of regional excellent products and, in every home, each cook will always be able to add a unique and tasty touch. It is a unique wealth esteemed worldwide, which can be perceived in the air and is part of the history of Italy.

An Italian kitchen is much more than a simple room in the house. It is a way of life that originates from an innate conviviality, family union and the love for good food that comes from a longstanding tradition and the wealth of ingredients that our country has to offer. It is no coincidence that Italy ranks first in the number of PDO, PGI and STG denominations given by the EU with 261 agri-food specialities. This immense variety is made recognisable thanks to the unique ability to skilfully combine good and beautiful things.

We have gathered all the wealth of experience and knowledge of the past and that, every day, is re-experienced in the daily life of Italian families,
and we have applied it in our factories in order to create products that preserve and nurture this aspect of our culture.

Our origins are steeped in all this thanks also to the immense wealth that our country has to offer.
At Bompani, we design our products with the utmost attention, since we have pleasure in sharing something of which we are particularly proud.

We manufacture our cookers in the awareness that they will enter your home and your life bringing everything that cooking appliances have always meant for us: conviviality, creativity, love and beauty.