stainless steel BOJ01IA/E

Stainless steel Slow Juicer for vegetable and fruit juices, monolithic, easy to disassemble and clean. SELECTED FOR YOU BY BOMPANI.

Product code: BOJ01IA/E

Colours available:


Voltage and frequency: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 150W
One speed setting + reverse speed
Slow spiral grinding technology without blade at low temperature
60 RPM operation speed
Low noise: less than 65 dbA
Best for vegetables and fruit juices
More juice and less wastes
2 pitchers of 400 ml each to collect juice and wastes
Easy to disassemble and wash
1 brush for cleaning
1 mt power cord
Unit dimensions: 180 x 152 x 410H mm
Unit weight: 4.8 kg

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