Induction hob

Black ceramic 30 cm BO332AA/E

Induction hob, front touch-screen controls, width 30 cm, 1 cooking zone from 1500W to 2000W with BOOSTER function + 1 cooking zone from 1200W to 1600W with BOOSTER function, 9 power levels, end-of-cooking timer. MANUFACTURED IN AN ITALIAN FACTORY.

Product code: BO332AA/E

Colours available:


Elegant BLACK CERAMIC aesthetics
Same features of BO374AA/E but width 60cm
Width 60cm4 induction cooking zones:
1 power zone with 1500W power (reaching 2000W during BOOSTER function),
size Ø 210 for a quick heating-up
1 power zone with 1200W power (reaching 1600Wduring BOOSTER function),
size Ø 145 for simmering
9 power levels for any kind of cooking level, from simmering to the most intense one
Cooking end timer function
BOOSTER function for quick heating-up
Power Management Function up to 2.8 kW, to prevent annoying power
cut-off caused by overloading
Automatic pot detection function, the zone starts to heat up only when pot
is detected to touch the hob surface
Childlock function by simple pressing of KEY button
Automatic stop of cooking zone when a certain preset time is reached,
different depending on power level (from 1.5 hours max at level 6 or up, to 6
hours max at level 1 and 2). To prevent mistakes or forgetfulness
Overflow device
Residual heat indicator on induction zone

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